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Mulch & Soil

Keep Your Landscape Looking Great With Mulch

Why Bother With Mulch?

Mulch is an important element in any landscaping strategy. It conserves moisture, improves the health and fertility of your soil, controls the growth of weeds and improves the overall look of a yard or garden. Your landscaping project will not be complete without it. Contact Home Place Landscaping Supplies today.

Buy Your Mulch and Soil in Bulk

Choose from seven types of mulch when you visit. We offer bulk supplies for your convenience in several colors, including dyed brown, black, and red.
  • Pine bark mulch
  • Dyed mulch
  • Pine needles mulch
  • Shredded pine hardwood mix mulch
  • Double-hammered hardwood mulch
  • Landscaping soil
  • Garden-blended soil
  • Screened topsoil
  • Fill topsoil

Safe for Your Family and Your Environment

Put your safety concerns aside, our mulch and soil are eco-friendly. We offer certified playground mulch for use at daycares, churches and schools—anywhere children may have unrestricted access.
Get top-quality mulch 
and soil for your 
landscaping projects. 
Visit us today.
Choose from a wide variety of eco-friendly mulch.
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